Basic Sponge Flavours:

~Very Vanilla
Fluffy and delectably moist vanilla sponge topped with a natural extract vanilla butter cream swirl and sprinkles (butter cream can be coloured to any colour and covered in a variety of toppings).

Our Vanilla cupcakes are also available gluten-free. 

Rich chocolate sponge with a chocolate butter cream swirl and sprinkles… what more could a person ask for!

~Lemony Snicket
Vanilla sponge topped with a yellow fresh lemon butter cream and a beautiful edible butterfly. (Also available in GF)

VIP Sponge Flavours:

~Red Velvet

Red Velvet sponge with a cream cheese frosting. A classic!

~Amaretto and Caramel

A delicate Amaretto sponge infused with delicious Caramel, topped with Amaretto butter cream drizzled with caramel and decorated with toasted flaked almonds.

~White Chocolate and Cranberry

Delicious moist sponge filled with juicy cranberries, with a white chocolate butter cream swirl topped with sugar strands and glitter.

~The Bounty Hunter
Naturally extracted coconut cake with a delicate coconut butter cream swirl topped with sweet toasted coconut. (Can do chocolate coconut sponge if preferred)

~Raspberry Razzle
Vanilla sponge with raspberry butter cream, covered in grated white chocolate and topped with a fresh raspberry (raspberry seasonal). (GF option)

~Simply Strawberry
Our personal favourite! moist vanilla sponge filled with oozing strawberry jam topped with pink strawberry buttercream. (GF option)

~Cookies ‘n’ Cream
Vanilla and cookie sponge with Oreo butter cream, finished off with a mini Oreo.

~Coffee Calypso
Coffee sponge with real coffee butter cream topped with coffee beans and a sprinkling of coco powder.

~Bugs Bunny
Moist carrot cake topped with Philli cream cheese frosting infused with gentle spices of cinnamon and nutmeg.

~Sugar n’ Spice

A warming sponge crammed full of cranberries, walnuts, apple, nutmeg and mixed spices, topped with a cinnamon infused butter cream.
~Minty Madness
Vanilla sponge with a green mint butter cream covered in glitter and topped with a mini choc mint stick.

~Mint Choc
Moist chocolate sponge with a mint infused chocolate butter cream topped with an after eight.

~Ferrero Rocher with Nutella Frosting (extra £3 supplement)

Chocolate sponge with a hidden Ferrero Rocher in the centre, topped with Chocolate Nutella Butter cream.
~Terry’s Chocolate Orange
Moist chocolate sponge topped with an orange and chocolate swirled butter cream finished off with a Terry’s chocolate segment.

~Rocky Road
Moist chocolate sponge with a chocolate butter cream topped with crumbled biscuit, cherries and marshmallows…. Delicious!

~Monkey Business
Vanilla sponge with a fresh banana butter cream topped with cubes of fudge and banana chips….the monkeys would be jealous!

~Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate fudge cupcake with a fudge sauce oozing out of the centre, topped with chocolate fudge sauce and fudge pieces.


~Psychedelic Twist
Multi coloured rainbow Sponge topped with a simple vanilla butter cream…as good on the eyes as it is in the mouth!

~Chocolate Baileys

A moist chocolate sponge with a hint of Baileys with a creamy Baileys Chocolate butter cream


A moist Baileys sponge with a creamy Baileys Butter Cream

~Coconut n’ Lime

A tasty coconut cupcake with a lime curd centre to give it that zingy kick. Topped with coconut butter cream.

~Fruit Cake (Only for Tiered Cakes)

Moist sultanas, raisans, cherries, rind and spices to form a succulent cake covered in marzipan and sugarpaste.


Boutique Range

Your choice of flavour topped with rolled fondant and Sugar Paste creations.

Not sure which yummy cakes to choose?
Well….Keep it simple; what you see is what you get! Or get creative! Choose your butter cream in any colour/flavour with a variety of sprinkles:


Uncertain… call me, I’m happy to advise and make recommendations.

Special occasion? Nothing’s impossible, take a look at my themed cupcake gallery here.

Don’t see a flavour you want on here?… Contact us and we will see what we can do!

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